Hi. I’m Michael. I am the Executive Director of the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law and Policy at NYU Law. I’m also a board member of the Open Source Hardware Association (where I was Board President for a while), Co-Director of the GLAM-E Lab, and a co-creator of Everybody is Gone.

I used to do 3D printing and legal things at Shapeways. Before that I tried to make policy, people, and technology work together better in the public interest at Public Knowledge.

You can email me at hello@michaelweinberg.org and find me on bluesky @michaelweinberg.org or mastodon @mweinberg. I used to be on twitter @MWeinberg2D. Email is probably the best way to start a conversation. I also have a collection of poorly written software-type-things on github as MWWeinberg.

If you are curious, you too can have email address on your own domain thanks to this fantastic and detailed guide from Eric Mill.

This site is running on Jekyll and hosted on Github. It used to run on tumblr. Maybe someday it will again, although it is looking increasingly unlikely.

The header image on the home page is a lithograph of Billy Sunday by George Wesley Bellows from the Smithsonian’s open access collection.

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