I put things here so they are on the internet

Michael Weinberg

I put things here so they are on the internet

This whitepaper includes recommendations to Maria Pallante, the new Registrar of Copyrights, for modernizing and updating the operations of the Copyright Office.

A PDF of this paper can be found here.

This white paper, It Will Be Awesome if They Don’t Screw it Up: 3D Printing, Intellectual Property, and the Fight Over the Next Great Disruptive Technology, examines how intellectual property (IP) law impacts the rapidly maturing technology of 3D printing, and how incumbents who feel threatened by its growth might try to use IP law to stop it.

The PDF version is available here.

The Kindle version is available here.

This whitepaper examines proposals to impose copyright filtering on ISPs and explains why it is not a viable solution to the problem of online copyright infringement.

A PDF of this paper can be found here.

Hello, Public Knowledge world. This fall I am another in a long and distinguished line of interns here at Public Knowledge. When I am not at Public Knowledge, I am a second year law student at George Washington University. Second year at law school means that you finally get to choose your own classes, so I am excited to be studying Copyright and the Law of Cyberspace this semester. I am also one of those rare people in DC who actually grew up here, although I went to college out in LA.

I have always had an interest in computers and technology, and when I came to law school I realized that I could turn that interest into a career. I built my first MP3 server with a friend when I was in high school and have not looked back since. My most recent technical challenge has been getting Kubuntu to work on my laptop (so far so good).

I love the idea of helping people who have done the hard work of engineering a solution maneuver around legal barriers. As far as I am concerned the more technology available to consumers the better. Public Knowledge is a great place for me to learn how to enable interesting new technologies. I spent my summer working closely on web radio issues, so Public Knowledge should also give me the opportunity to build and expand on that base.

This fall I will be researching and posting on a number of issues like copyright reform and music licensing. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or scathing criticisms, please email me or leave a comment.