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This post originally appeared on the Shapeways blog.

Today we are excited to announce a special jewelry contest in partnership with the National Gallery of Denmark. The contest gives the Shapeways design community a chance to have their jewelry displayed and sold in Copenhagen.

The National Gallery (known by its Danish initials, SMK) is a leader in the OpenGLAM movement. OpenGLAM promotes open access to cultural works in galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. SMK Open makes sure that works in SMK’s collection that are in the public domain (i.e., no longer protected by copyright) can easily be accessed and built upon by the public without restrictions.

SMK Matrix

The curators at SMK have selected six paintings in the public domain — including masterpieces by Cranach, Gijsbrechts, and Hammershøi — to serve as the inspiration for this contest. Designers can use these works as jumping-off points to create unique 3D printable jewelry. Since the works are not protected by copyright, designers are free to use whatever parts of the works they wish.

One winner and four runners-up will be displayed at SMK for the month of September 2017. These designs will also be eligible for sale in SMK’s gift shop. A panel of judges, including representatives from SMK and Shapeways, will select the winners.

All you need to do to enter is to design a new piece of jewelry based on one (or more than one) of the works, upload it to a public Shapeways shop, and tag it SMK.

But you had better hurry: The contest ends June 16, 2017.

To enter the contest, study the paintings, and read the complete rules, visit the SMK Collection Jewelry Design Contest page.

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