This post originally appeared on the Engelberg Center blog.

Today we are thrilled to be launching the Engelberg Center’s Innovation Colloquium Podcast. This is the Engelberg Center’s first podcast, and it is designed to bring you inside one of our most interesting programs of the year. You can subscribe on itunes, spotify, other other services. You can listen to the first episode in your browser below.

Each spring the Engelberg Center hosts the Innovation Policy Colloquium. The Colloquium is a semester-long program to bring in speakers built around a theme related to promoting creativity, invention, and new technology. Speakers present cutting edge, often still-in-development work and enter into a lively question and answer session with participants.

While this is a fantastic event for the current NYU Law community, it is not easy to access from further away. The podcast is an opportunity to make the Colloquium available to everyone.

In addition to their presentation at the Colloquium, as part of the Colloquium each speaker also sat down for an interview to discuss their work. Reflecting the nature of the Colloquium, these interviews touched on a wide range of topics, including celebrities trademarking their own names, how geographical indications will respond to climate change, how privacy regulation and innovation can coexist, and labeling traditional knowledge.

For the next ten weeks we will release a new episode every Wednesday featuring an interview with a Colloquium participant. As an introduction to the series, the first episode is a conversation with Professors Barton Beebe and Jeanne Fromer who oversaw this year’s Colloquium.

You can find links to subscribe to the podcast in the player above. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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